All successful businesses have answers to virtually all the “What Questions” in their business – what people need to know, what are the mix of skills and qualifications they need to do their jobs, what is going on in their market, area of expertise or with their competitors, etc.

By contrast, what a lot of businesses find harder to answer are the questions that pertain to the “Who” and “How” side of their organisations. This is particularly true when it comes to questions about leadership, motivation, performance and culture such as:

  • How am I as a leader showing up in my business?
  • Who am I and how does it relate to my leadership?
  • How am I contributing to the culture around me and what I can change and influence for the better in this area?
  • Who is really in my team and how are they currently showing up?
  • How does the best of my humanity and that of the people around me find expression in my business and my organisation?
  • How do we connect more deeply at a human level to elevate our performance to another level of productivity, success and profit?

At Elevate & Below the Line we believe that putting more of our humanity into play creates better leaders, teams, organisations and ultimately business.