Elevate Executive Selection and Below the Line Invite You To

“Press Pause”
8th - 9th June 2018 (12 – 2pm)
Step Out. Stop. Breathe. Think. Connect.
You can’t do it all on your own and yet leading a team or organisation is a challenging space to occupy.

Where do you go or to whom do you reach out to when you need support, advice, guidance or inspiration?

Connecting with a likeminded group of people for the support that we all need as people and leaders is vital if we are to continue to be successful, grow as human beings and remain open and willing to being challenged in the right kinds of ways.

Elevate Executive Selection in association with Below the Line invite you to step into a space for business leaders to be real, present and connected with a group of peers who are motivated by a desire to grow as human beings and as leaders in an environment that is safe and challenging, trusting, confidential and supportive.

Taking Place on Saturday 18th of November this unique event is for those looking for an opportunity to step out of their personal and professional whirlwind for time and space to:

  • Reflect, review and recharge in the company of likeminded, success-orientated people
  • Gain perspective, get advice, be inspired and challenged
  • Connect with what is going on for you
  • To tap into more of the best of you

Press Pause

Background Info


An Irish based consultancy made up of collaborators from the worlds of business, elite sport, adventure and endurance, who believe that being successful in life, business and leadership is as much a matter of the heart as it is a matter of the head.


‘Press Pause’ is a regular gathering of business leaders / business owners who come together to share their experiences, perspectives and insights, and to ultimately help each other develop as human beings.


Because we spend so much time in our business we find stepping out of it to work on both our business and ourselves a massive challenge. And yet when we do manage to step out of our own personal whirlwind we are able to get clarity and perspective as well as giving ourselves the opportunity to step back into our work with renewed passion, energy and purpose.


  • By refreshing, re-energizing and inspiring you in your pursuit of success, meaning and prosperity in your work and life
  • By connecting you to a network of like-minded, success-orientated people
  • By equipping you with tools, tips and insights to support you in meeting the challenges that are on your desk right now


It’s really very simple – and that’s precisely why it delivers such great, practical results:

  • You will meet up with the group in (venue tbc) and we will start with an informal light buffet lunch
  • Each gathering will have a broad theme such as leadership, business, personal resilience, etc.
  • We will sit down together and engage in conversations on the chosen theme. Then we will build connections across the group, have an open conversation, engage in some reflective group / individual exercises; learn from listening to other people’s stories, including their personal experiences, the challenges they have faced, and the lessons they have learned.
  • You will enjoy some time to be calm, to connect with ‘why you do what you do’, and to get inspiration from a group of like-minded people.
  • You will come away feeling energised, renewed and glad you took the time to recharge yourself so that you are better able to address the challenges you are facing


To book your spot please get in touch with us via: