High Performance Team Workouts in Bermuda

From the 14th – 16th of March 2018 Below the Line and Elevate will be in Bermuda to deliver a series of high performance leadership workouts.

Our clients can choose from a range of Workout Themes and Topics:

Uncovering your authentic leadership – when more of the best of us is in play we are much better equipped to lead, influence and affect change. Uncovering the best of ourselves and allowing it to shine in our leadership is borne of understanding who we are and why we do what we do and recognising leadership as a fully human endeavour.

Bringing the power of humanity into leadership and culture – Humanity is irresistible and allowing all facets of it to thrive in our organisation enables the leadership engine of our business to become a competitive advantage that permeates through the organisation.

The power of leadership coaching – Coaching is the language of change and learning. Learn how you can take advantage of coaching as a means of connecting you more deeply with your own resources in pursuit of established and worthwhile outcomes.

Managing Mindset and Motivation – Our internal language and emotions have a dramatic bearing on our own ability to lead ourselves and others. Great leaders develop their awareness of the role that our perceptions and beliefs have on our mindset and how to positively shape our mindset to support personal and professional goals.

Going beyond your Comfort Zone – Engaged levels of performance and fulfilment involve stretching beyond our comfort zone. To do this will involve taking steps into the unknown. Understanding how these steps can be taken in order to improve leadership and business performance is key for leaders to bring themselves and their organisation to new heights.

Alternatively, present us with your challenge and have a session custom designed for your needs.


Executive Coaching

If there is one thing that we have learnt as coaches and mentors to business owners, CEOs, managers and athletes down through the years it is that the issue is never the issue! Enabling people to let go of their attachment to a particular outcome or point of view forms a key part of our approach to supporting people who come to us looking for one-to-one coaching and support. We work to create the space for people to be open, honest and vulnerable in a safe environment. This allows us to both support and challenge clients to look at themselves, their goals and their behaviour in ways that enable them to make the changes or adjustments that be might be needed for them to unlock their potential or take advantage of opportunities that are often hiding in plain sight.

How Does it Work?

A typical coaching intervention for an executive would involve:

  • A ‘chemistry meeting’ to allow both parties establish if there is a suitable fit for effective coaching work
  • A meeting between the coachee, their sponsor (if appropriate) and the coach to agree goals
  • Six to eight one to one meetings over eight to twelve months

To book a one to one ‘Chemistry Meeting’ for you or a member of your team please get in touch with us via: sylvia@elevateselection.ie

Tailored Approach

Perhaps you wish to develop a more bespoke solution for yourself or your team. Our diverse team brings a range of knowledge and experience that offers unparalleled flexibility when it comes to custom designed and tailored solutions. Choose from a range of options including: